CreepyCrawly Safari at the Wadden Sea - Wadden Hike for children

Up to 100,000 species of animals and plants live in the Wadden Sea - with forks and buckets we go searching the mudflats at low tide for some of them! 

A trip for small (and big) explorers

Wadden Hike for children

With forks and buckets we go searching in the mudflats at low tide.
We find sand worms, clams, snails and crabs.

We discover how rich in life the landscape which is drained twice a day at low tide are
In fact, there is no natural area in Europe with a higher density of animals.

What is that we find, what do they eat, and why do they live the way they do ??

And of course we also need to play with sand and water - and discover the fascinating consistens of the mud of the wadden sea
Maybe there are some who dares to get a firming mask.

We finish the tour with roasting marsmellow over the bonfire on the beach - while we tell tall tales to each other.

Sømusling fra Fanø


Adults: 75 kr.

Children (under 12 years): 75 kr.

Children under 12 years are free

Kommende ture

1-2 km
1,5 hours

Practical information

Child friendliness

Highly suitable for children from about 5 years and up to young teenager.


not suitable for walking disabled

Reasonable attire

Kids would really like to play with the wet sand - so whatever the weather is - it's a good idea to give them rain pants on - if it is not shorts weather J.

We meet here

We meet at the ramp to Soenderho Beach

Drive at the road to Soenderho on Fanø (Landevejen). At the end of Landevejen turn to the right on Strandvejen and continue to the end - at the beach.


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